ABODE Bistro High Tea

Hi friends and readers, apologies for the lack of posts. C and I have been very busy working, eating and traveling but we hope to start posting more frequently again! Here is a post on the high tea experience we had at ABODE Bistro earlier this year. Hope everyone is well! Love, K.

As a big lover of high tea, I jumped with excitement at the invitation for C and I to be one of the first people to taste the high tea menu at ABODE bistro. Having had an enjoyable and satisfied meal the last time C and I dined here for dinner, we could not wait to experience the innovative menu ABODE will bring about this time._1390885

We were welcomed warmly to our table by the manager, Carlos, who looked after us throughout the high tea. We were introduced to the cocktail of the day especially put together for the high tea. It consisted of an interesting combination of chambord, hendrick’s, and morrocan mint tea. If you like a strong drink like gin but with a bit of sweetness then you will probably like this. 


We were tempted to taste more of the cocktail but we resisted to a sip of it until food comes out due to our empty stomachs all morning. Though the cocktail was nice, I found that it was a tad too strong to have at the beginning of a high tea. 

We started off with a tea of our choice. C opted for a safe option (and usually also my favourite option) of the Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers, while I chose to try something different to my usual, the Italian Almond Pure Chamomile Tea. The aroma of almond waffled under my nose as the chamomile tea calmed my senses as C and I began catching up on our adventures of growing old.


The much awaited high tea was brought out by Carlos on a wooden three tiered stand, and were detailed through the menu.


_1390878We started with the bottom section of scrumptious savouries. The first sandwich was the King Prawn with lemon and dill aioli. C and I both liked this the most out of the sandwiches.

Next was the Earl Grey Poached Chicken with herb aioli sandwich“Earl grey chicken? Interesting!”, was my first thought. The bread was a tad dry but what I found most intriguing about this was the incorporation of tea into something as common as a chicken sandwich.

really liked the idea of ABODE thinking outside the square to bring a flair to traditional high tea, yet emphasising the concept of tea. This high tea menu brings aromas of different tea into their savoury as well as their sweet bites.

_1390871_1390870The Finger roll of I’artisan triple brie was complemented together nicely with smoked ham, rich flavour of dijon mustard and topped with a sprinkle of olive powder, while the Lettuce cups of ceylon dusted crab and avocado salad were refreshing and balanced out the other savoury dishes. We also had the Slow braised lamb shoulder pie infused with rosemary and peppermint tea with mashed peas, which C felt the mashed peas were a little dry.


Our favourite of the savoury was no doubt the Duck rillette pots infused with lively lim and orange tea with parmesan crostini. The duck liver pate had a smooth texture and was delicious on the thin and crusty crostini that was slightly salted with parmesan. We were glad there were a few pieces of crostini to go around for both of us as we liked it so much! 


Our stomachs were pretty content by this time as we move onto the top tier of sweets, starting with the assorted macaroons. I started with the almond macaron, while C picked the lemon flavour to start. Texture and freshness of the macaron could not be more on point and the flavour was good.


_1390893We left the remaining macarons for later as we jumped into tasting the test of the sweets collection.


The Petite apple mille feuille, rose and Chantilly vanilla cream was amazing with layers of crusty pastry contrasting the smoothness of the cream. We really liked this too but found it a little hard to eat without pulling all the layers apart. This would probably be my second favourite of the sweets.

_1390867ABODE’s opera slice would probably be on par with the mille feuille, with perfect layers of sponge cake, chocolate and coffee cream. This is a classic that I don’t think anyone can dislike.


Bitter chocolate mousse pots, sable and hazelnut crumbs was one that really caught my eye on the menu. Dark chocolate and hazelnuts??!! They definitely won over my heart! I think this was probably C’s favourite as well seeing how quickly she devoured it.

_1390892C and I are both not too keen on white chocolate fudge nor chai, so we could not really enjoy the White chocolate and spiced chai fudge. However, the fudge was rich and the chai and white chocolate flavours were both strong but did not mask one another. 

Last but not least, to finish with a bang, Carlos brought out the Eton mess with blueberry and pomegranate jelly.



_1390899To finish off, I ordered a cappuccino to wake me up from the food coma.

– K

Read our review on our dinner at ABODE here

(Disclaimer: Delectably Degusting were invited as guests to dine at ABODE bistro but all opinions are of our own.)

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7 thoughts on “ABODE Bistro High Tea

  1. Heard of Abode but not of its high tea…We’re high tea fans and looks like they’ve got some nice variety in the setup. Thanks for sharing!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    • Hi Julie and Alesah,
      I love high tea too, and I must say that they’ve got my attention in their tea infused menu. As with a lot of new restaurants and cafe these days, creativity is bringing out all sorts of food combinations you can imagine =) more for us to experience!

      Kylie x

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