Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

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Located along Jones Bay Wharf and within a short stroll from The Star Casino, lies Cafe Morso waterfront to beautiful harbour views. The casual cafe is a local favourite, bustling during the weekdays with business people and filled during the weekend of family and friends. Knowing how busy it can get on a Sunday morning, C and I cleverly made a booking beforehand to secure a table for brunch. No waiting line, no time wasting! The availability of bookings immediately gave this cafe bonus points!

batch_2014-08-31 12.28.42batch_2014-08-31 12.29.10 Knowing that some of the breakfast menu is rolled over onto the lunch menu, we happily booked for 12pm to get that extra beauty sleep on a lazy Sunday.

batch_2014-08-31 13.22.40

We were seated promptly on the veranda overlooking the wharf in the nice summer breeze. My cappuccino that followed was perfect, satisfying my need for a pick-me-up.

batch_2014-08-31 12.42.15This was my second visit to Cafe Morso, and unconsciously, I have chosen the same dish I had picked when I visited a year ago, and only realised when the dish came out. Bacon & egg gnocchi, baby herbs, black truffle salt.

batch_2014-08-31 12.43.20

The interesting combination of bacon and egg gnocchi caught my eye and the truffle salt confirmed my decision. I was impressed with the dish as if it was the first time having it. The flavour was just right with the saltiness of the bacon, without being too overpowering.

2014-10-05 05.36.28

Crystal opted a vegetarian dish of the Sautéed wild mushrooms, paired with truffled scrambled eggs, and served with grilled Sonoma bread. Her choice was not surprising as she is obsessed with scrambled eggs. The eggs were just the way she wanted – softly folded and not-so-scrambled eggs – and there was a distinct truffle flavour which she didn’t mind at all.

batch_2014-08-31 13.26.49

I think it must be the truffle component that entices us into choosing these dishes!

Overall, C and I had a great meal, the ambiance was not too loud with happy neighbouring tables, and the tranquil views completed the perfect brunch.

– K

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