ABODE Bistro, Park Royal, Darling Harbour

ABODE Bistro and Bar is situated in Park Royal hotel, just a few minutes walk from Town Hall station. Delectably Degusting has been fortunate enough to be invited to try their new menu after their refurbishment. The spacious dining room was brightly lit, featuring white and earthy tones. I remember exclaiming several times how beautiful the restaurant looked.
Headed by Chef Ryan Hong (ex-Rockpool and Black by Ezard), the menu uses seasonal and locally grown produce to create modern concepts of bistro food. The menu offers quite a big variety from entrees, small dishes, salads, as well as fresh seafood and cuts of meat that vary from day to day according to availability.
_1390721As the majority of the dishes we ordered were seafood, we chose to pair our food with Cullen Sauvignon Blanc Semillon ’12 from Margaret River WA ($12). It was a very easy to drink white wine, neither too sweet nor dry.
Daily fresh oysters ($4 each) with pink grapefruit, eschalot and chives were a great way to start.


The next entree we sampled was the king salmon, cucumber, smoked eel, dill, yuzu and soy gel ($18). The dish was not only beautifully presented but the delicate, fresh flavours made it a great appetiser.
Both Kylie and I love steak tartare so hand cut steak tartare, crispy egg yolk, swiss brown mushroom, kewpie mayonnaise and thyme oil ($17) caught our eyes instantly. Kylie mentioned the flavour combination was reminiscent of a burger due to inclusion of pickles and kewpie mayonnaise. The best part of the dish for me was definitely the crispy egg yolk which was similar to a scotch egg but better, as the consistency of the yolk was creamy and gel-like.
_1390731 Look at that creamy yolk!
We were talking about how we have endless upcoming dinner plans during December so we had to order a healthy side of grilled asparagus in lemon and feta dressing ($9).
I love risotto ($30) and just couldn’t go past it when I read it was served with pan seared scallops, asparagus, pandano and truffle oil. Al dente risotto, rich but not too creamy. I polished this off with no hesitation while Kylie said it was too heavy. The truffle oil could have been more pronounced but the flavours even without truffle oil were beautiful.
The rack of lamb ($38) was roasted to medium-rare, just how I like it. We both thought the augerbine purée could be more smoky but the crispy artichoke was delicious.
Kylie was so full but I insisted on ending our meal with something sweet. I always have stomach space for dessert so I went with the pandan sponge cake ($15). Served warm, the pandan sponge cake was really light and fluffy which made me believe it must’ve been aerated in a siphon and then cooked in a microwave. I don’t usually like eating sorbet with cake as I don’t think the textures match but this was not an issue here. The cake was really soft and went well with the refreshing and light lime and coconut sorbet. The grilled pineapple pieces added a fruity sweetness and was a wonderful component. I found the coconut sago broth a bit too thick and the sago itself was a bit hard, probably because it was refrigerated until time of serving. Otherwise, I highly recommend this dessert!
To be honest, I always thought restaurants in hotels were overpriced and served mediocre food, but ABODE really changed my opinion. Both Kylie and I were impressed by the delectable food!
Disclaimer: Delectably Degusting dined as guests of ABODE Bistro and Klick Communications, but opinions remain our own. 
– C
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10 thoughts on “ABODE Bistro, Park Royal, Darling Harbour

  1. Kewpie mayo in steak tartare? To be honest that sounds a little strange, but I love kewpie mayo, so why not! The king salmon, cucumber, smoked eel, dill, yuzu and soy gel is definitely my kimd of dish because…. yuzu 😛

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