Ms G’s, Potts Point

Food bloggers and friends reunited again, this time for some modern Asian food. My appreciation for modern Asian cuisine developed a bit late, hence why it took me a few years to finally visit Chef Dan Hong’s ever so popular restaurant, Ms G’s. Being well-prepared like food bloggers are, we arrived a lot bit earlier to secure a table for the six of us as the restaurant is walk-in only. The earliest of us arrived a whole hour before the start of dinner service so we all gathered upstairs at the bar to try their popular cocktails.

Don’t you love it when dining companions have similar tastebuds to you? Our love for yuzu was calling out for us so Chris and I both ordered Ms G’s Famous Yuzu Slushee (limeoncello, Russian standard vodka, yuzu juice and Regan’s orange bitters $14) which could be too sour and citrusy for some but very refreshing for me. Also a perfect choice for those who don’t like strong alcoholic drinks as the alcohol taste was very subtle.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 43 44 am

And then the excitement and enthusiasm in deciding what to order began. We started with the famous mini bánh mì ($6 ea) which most of us got with crisp pork belly, and one decided to try the chicken katsu. Upon first bite, I was surprised at how similar the flavours were to authentic Vietnamese pork rolls, mainly delivered by the Vietnamese bun, pickled julienned vegetables but especially that creamy, spicy sauce. Unfortunately, my piece of pork belly was a bit dry but easily fixed by mopping the last bit of sauce on the plate. Indeed a bit pricey for such a small bun, but worth trying.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 44 07 am

The food at Ms G’s allowed me to know my taste buds a bit more. I always thought I wouldn’t like totally raw beef but Ms G’s Vietnamese steak tartare ($18) served on prawn crackers was delicious. The fish sauce dressing was a bit too salty but tasty nonetheless.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 45 58 am

You might be familiar with prawn toast ($15) being a yumcha dish but Ms G’s was wonderfully executed with bouncy prawn paste (similar to Thai style fish cake) sitting on top of crunchy toast, and flavours enhanced by yuzu aioli and herbs.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 46 31 am

It was a bit salty for me but the Nasi goreng hitam ($19) was worth trying with squid ink fried rice, chorizo and fried egg.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 55 57 am

Jow’s sweet & sour lamb ribs ($28) was an obvious winner of the night for me. The tender ribs were coated in a caramelised, sticky, sweet and sour sauce with the exterior still fatty but crispy. The meat fell off the bone and was finger licking delicious!! The best dish of the night and a must try!

Photo 2-11-2014 7 48 27 am

Everyone loves fried chicken so we order a whole Bangkok fried chicken ($25). It was lightly battered and the accompanying chilli sour sauce was perfect without making it too heavy and oily.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 49 43 am

After placing our orders, our waiter asked if we wanted any vegetarian dishes or side salads to which we all fell silent. What salad? We love our meat and we knew the lettuce accompanying the Bo Ssam ($38) was enough. We were delighted as a big plate of crispy pork hock was placed on our table. The recommended way of eating is using a lettuce leaf to hold some meat, along with some lettuce, apple kimchi, herbs and five flavour sauce.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 50 35 am

The pork hock had a crispy skin, a fatty, gelatinous layer and then gloriously tender meat. It could be a heavy dish but was balanced out by the sourness and freshness of the accompaniments, and we polished it off in no time. It was delicious but recommended for sharing, so if it’s just a couple of you eating, I would rather order more smaller dishes.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 51 10 am

Ordering all the desserts has become our group’s tradition so we continue it this time too. Stoner’s Delight is their signature dessert and I’ve missed out on the first two variations already so I was really glad to finally try Stoner’s Delight part 3 ($14). The dessert consisted of many different components including the doughnut ice cream, peanut dulce de leche, peanut and pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, mars bar brownie, potato chips and deep fried nutella. And what a mouthful it was! My favourite was the deep fried nutella, batter thin and melted nutella oozed out as I bit into it. Unfortunately, overall I thought the dessert was a bit too savoury from the potato chips and bacon, but there was also salt sprinkled over the dulce de leche too. I understand the balance of sweet and salty, but this dessert was too rich and overpowering for my taste buds.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 52 46 am

Most of our group preferred the lighter dessert, Dirty Passion (Japanese edition, $14). Eating it was like digging through a pile of soil (chocolate crumbs) to discover surprises including yuzu curd, adzuki bean, coffee jelly and berries. And green tea ice cream to top it all off!

Photo 2-11-2014 7 51 41 am

K’s favourite dessert was obviously the Bruce Springsteen ($14) because it included all the flavours she loves – buttered popcorn ice cream, salted caramel, honeycomb and peanut brittle. It was good, but not when I compare it to the Dirty Passion and the next dessert.

Photo 2-11-2014 7 54 45 am

I saved my favourite dessert of the night to last. Holla the Halo Halo ($14), a more refined version of the Filipino dessert, including young coconut ice, tropical fruits, jelly, lychee pearls and coconut sorbet. Once again, Ms G’s made me know my taste buds a bit more because I always thought I prefer richer desserts but this time, the winner was this refreshing and light dessert.

After visiting Ms G’s, I’m just so glad my taste buds have changed and can finally appreciate modern Asian food without always thinking how different it is to traditional Asian food.

– C

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  1. Our taste buds are way too similar! I was nodding in agreement after every dish (I agree the pork belly in the banh mi was dry, Jow’s lamb ribs are the best and halo halo was the favourite dessert etc etc) . No need for me to do my Ms G post any more hehe since it’s so far buried in my back log 😦

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