Jazushi, Surry Hills

Photo 25-09-2014 12 35 14 pm
It was a long day at work for both my friend and I so we decided to treat ourselves by ticking off yet another restaurant on my forever growing to-eat list, Jazushi. Jazushi offers Japanese cuisine with a modern twist which I love, but it was the promise of Camembert tempura that intrigued me the most.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 30 29 pm
The restaurant was dimly lit and unexpectedly romantic. We arrived at 6pm on a Wednesday night but the front dining room was already booked out so we agreed to dine at the back even though it meant we missed out on enjoying the jazz music by the live band. The atmosphere in the back dining room was quite different to the rest of the restaurant, housing a very homely and cosy feel.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 29 47 pmA long day meant my friend was too lazy to choose and left the ordering to me, which was fine because I’m never too tired to study menus to design a delicious menu for the night. We started off with the Camembert tempura ($16) with creme teriyaki sauce which lived up to expectations as it was my friend’s favourite dish of the night. Melted, gooey cheese encased in crispy tempura batter, delicious! It wasn’t sickeningly rich either because they used a milder Camembert cheese which was thoughtful.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 30 08 pm
Continuing with my favourite buttery, cheesy flavours, we ordered the grilled scallop ($8) with garlic butter and saikyo miso sauce.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 31 09 pm
Photo 25-09-2014 12 30 50 pm
My friend’s only request for the night was that we order the spicy tuna inside-out roll ($16). I found the sushi rice packed a bit too loosely, but the combination of tuna, avocado, flying fish roe and chilli mayo worked a treat.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 31 25 pm
The JFC ($21) was Jazushi’s version of fried chicken, with batter similar to that of both karaage and tempura; and the meat was succulent and juicy. The yuzu citrus sauce added a slight tang but flavours were mostly accentuated by their homemade tartare sauce, which I have to agree with my friend that it was reminiscent of the mayo in egg sandwiches.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 31 48 pm
Duck teriyaki ($24) was sliced duck breast on a bed of broccoli with truffle oil. To be honest, I could not detect any truffle taste in the sauce and didn’t even realise the duck was paired with truffle oil until I re-read the menu. Nevertheless, the duck breast was pan-fried with all fat rendered, leaving a crisp skin that was not dry. The breast meat was cooked medium-well, the centre remaining a bit pink. The sauce did get a bit salty but it could be because I had no self-control and ate most of the dish myself.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 32 08 pm
The final dish was Histumabushi ($18) – grilled anago (conger eel) on caramel rice served with green tea and bonito stock. We were kindly instructed to scoop some rice into our bowl and pour in some of the bonito stock then eat it together. Without the bonito stock, the dish was very sweet, but the bonito stock offered a great balance of sweet and salty. The anago was chargrilled to a beautifully soft and melt-in-mouth texture, making it my favourite dish of the night.
Photo 25-09-2014 12 32 25 pm
Photo 25-09-2014 12 32 45 pm
We ordered a lot of food between two which meant we were too full to try even the green tea creme brulee but this will not be the last time at Jazushi!
– C

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15 thoughts on “Jazushi, Surry Hills

  1. Haven’t been to Jazushi despite it being on wish list for ages too. I think it’s cool that you can have a nice meal and listen to jazz music. Oh yum, deep fried Camembert!! I will definitely order that when I go. I also love chazuke so I think the Histumabushi is the kind of dish that I would enjoy.

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