Brickfields, Chippendale

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My wish list for brunch is so long and forever growing so you might think that it’d be an easy task when the bestie asked me where I wanted to go for brunch on the weekend. But the truth is, there are so many places to try yet not enough time so I had to do my research before I make any suggestions. My bestie loves baked goods as much as I do so I thought Brickfields would be the perfect brunch spot for us (and her boyfriend because more people means more food).

Photo 27-08-2014 9 48 05 pm

I did do my research and I was aware that it would be a small space but service was a bit of a miss. We followed everybody else and queued up to order to which the wait staff asked if we wanted it for takeaway. We actually wanted to eat in so we asked if that was possible, and we were told to sit and wait at one of the benches outside. There were no problems with eating our canele, Persian love cake and brownie while sitting/standing around the bench.

The canele had a crunchy exterior but the inside was quite dense, and the honeycomb structure and texture of a good canele was absent.The Persian love cake tasted of predominantly ginger, but I enjoyed the moist and dense texture of the cake atop of a slightly crunchy biscuit base. My favourite out of the sweets was actually the dark chocolate and hazelnut brownie which was rich and decadent; with a fudge-like centre and crispy top. This was so amazing that we bought another one.

Photo 27-08-2014 9 48 35 pm

Then the waitresses came out carrying our meals but had nowhere to place it and we had nowhere to eat. She offered to bring us milk carts to sit on but she commented on how “there’s nowhere else I can seat you” and proceeded to leave everything on the bench. And never came back with milk carts either. So we sat on the bench and had to eat with plates on our lap.

Photo 31-08-2014 5 03 42 pm

I ordered the mushroom melt with truffle mayo and pickled jalepeno ($10). The highlight was definitely the sourdough toast. It was my first time seeing enoki mushrooms in a sandwich but the earthiness of mushrooms harmonised with the rich, melted cheese and the fragrant truffle mayo. A very delicious sandwich.

Photo 27-08-2014 9 51 16 pm

Photo 27-08-2014 9 50 54 pm

I also took a small bite of the ham and cheese crossiant ($5). The crossiant was definitely a good one – so buttery, flakey and soft.

Photo 27-08-2014 9 50 06 pm

My bestie enjoyed her Boston beans with speck and soft egg ($6). When we’ve almost finished eating, there was finally a table for us and made our last bites much more enjoyable, less messy and less rushed.

Photo 27-08-2014 9 50 33 pm

As we were leaving, we also spotted freshly made passionfruit and ricotta doughnuts so we bought one for takeaway and ended up eating it on the rear end of our car which was actually a better table than the bench was.

Photo 27-08-2014 9 51 55 pm

The doughnut was soft and fluffy but I thought the filling of passionfruit and ricotta could be more tangy. Nevertheless, it was scrumptious!

Photo 27-08-2014 9 52 22 pm

The food at Brickfields was delightful – there was a sufficient range of baked goods and pastries that we could choose from and all we tasted were delectable. It would have been even better if they were more organised with their tables. If there were none available, then don’t offer us to eat in; or at least tell us to wait until there’s actually an available table before you take our order and start delivering us food. I will come back, but I think takeaway will be fine next time.

– C

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23 thoughts on “Brickfields, Chippendale

  1. The food you ordered does look nice. I love caneles, haven’t had one in a while nor do I know where I can readily get a good one (well now I know). And that mushroom melt, yes please! Melted cheese, grilled bread, mushrooms and TRUFFLE mayo…. oh my lol.

    Shame about the service and lack of tables / seating though. I will keep this in mind when I visit.

    • Momofuku does a really good canele hahaha do you think they’ll have it at Ssam Bar as petit four? Let me know if you find good caneles!! Haha, yes your favourite truffle!! You have expensive taste 😛

      Yup, maybe consider eating in/on your car.

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