Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills


Photo 31-08-2014 9 46 17 pm

Photo 31-08-2014 9 51 09 pm

After seeing Chocolatesuze‘s photos of the window display with caramel apples, Love Dem Apples shot straight up to the top of my to-eat list. After our weekend brunch, K and I visited this cute and sweet shop for some caramel apples as healthy dessert.

Photo 31-08-2014 9 47 23 pm

Photo 31-08-2014 9 47 48 pm

The display in real life got me as excited as Chocolatesuze’s photos and I slowly examined each flavour on offer. On our visit, they offered samples of their Peanut and Tim Tam toppings and I was surprised that they both tasted as good as they looked. We had a hard time deciding on which toppings to get and went through a lengthy process of elimination before we finally decided on the Mocha Chocolatte ($13) and Picnic ($13).

Photo 31-08-2014 9 48 11 pm

Just for our dearest readers, we shamelessly asked to take photos of the whole apples before they cut them into smaller pieces for easier consumption.

Photo 31-08-2014 9 50 40 pm

I loved how all the apples were coated in a layer of caramel that made it sweet but perfectly balanced with the tartness of the green apple. On top of the caramel layer, the Mocha Chocolatte was rolled in finely chopped nuts and drizzled with chocolate and espresso. Whilst tasty, we couldn’t help but comment on the aftertaste that was alike to the artificial flavour of hazelnut syrup.

Photo 31-08-2014 9 49 18 pm

Photo 31-08-2014 9 51 29 pm

Fortunately, the Picnic didn’t have the same artificial chocolate taste. The thicker layer of chocolate and crushed peanuts was delicious but it was only then we realised the two flavours were quite similar and wished we ordered the Strawberry Pop instead.

Photo 31-08-2014 9 50 15 pm

Photo 31-08-2014 9 52 09 pm

After such a filling brunch, K kept saying she couldn’t finish and was done half way through her apple. But we couldn’t stop munching on them and ended up polishing them off, crumbs and all!

Photo 31-08-2014 10 13 33 pm

Apart from apples, they also sell chocolate covered bananas with different toppings for $6 each.

Photo 31-08-2014 9 52 56 pm

And popcorn!

Photo 31-08-2014 9 52 32 pm

Confession: I’ve only ever eaten one toffee apple but I think I will continuously come back for these caramel apples. They’re a bit on the expensive side with Classics being $8, Royal $10 and Limited Edition $13; but I’m allowed to spend a bit more on caramel apples since I’ve missed out on so many toffee apples during my childhood, right?

– C

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8 thoughts on “Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills

  1. Yarm :9 I loved toffee apples growing up so time to relive my childhood here. But there are so many to choose from. I never used to have this problem before as there was only one flavour lol. Hot apple stew also sounds really good, so I might to visit more than once.

    • I ate my first toffee apple ever in first or second year uni – so deprived!! That’s right, haha luckily your wife can eat this too 😛 try Strawberry Pop for me which apparently tasted like strawberry & cream lollies with poprocks!!

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