Le Bistro Dorine, Eastwood

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For those of you who didn’t know, Eastwood is a little suburb with either side of the railway station being known as either the “Chinese” or “Korean” side as they are populated with restaurants of their respective cuisines. However recently, new cafes and restaurants of other cuisines have popped up on the Korean side, including an Italian restaurant and several Korean style cafes such as Pumpkin Soup, Caffe Cherry Beans and Le Bistro Dorine. Today, we visited Le Bistro Dorine for brunch after seeing photos of their interesting menu on Instagram (again).

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The interior is warm and cosy with graffitied walls of wooden tones. The small cafe was quite full when we arrived around 1pm for lunch so we were seated at the communal table. The menu offered a wide variety, ranging from your typical brunch items such as french toast, eggs benedict and big breakfast; to Korean dishes with a twist including garlic pork belly, an Angus Beef kimchi burger and pasta.

Photo 7-07-2014 10 34 30 am


Photo 7-07-2014 10 35 46 am

The coffee served here are from Will & Co. and came in the cutest looking cup – it resembles a take away coffee cup but it’s actually ceramic. The coffee is not bad but nothing to rave about.

Photo 7-07-2014 10 36 10 am

We ordered some dishes to share between the three of us because I wanted to try everything. The first was the pumpkin and sweet potato soup, accompanied by grilled rice cake and lemon syrup. I was expecting the soup to be savoury but it was strangely sweet possibly due to the sweet potato. I loved the rice cake as the exterior was grilled till it was slightly crisp and dipping it in the lemon syrup made it dessert-like.

Photo 7-07-2014 10 40 53 am

I wanted to try the Angus Beef kimchi burger the most as it was described as everything of a gourmet burger with the addition of a Korean staple, spicy fermented cabbage also known as kimchi. The sourness and spiciness of the kimchi added great flavour to the burger, yet we all found the meat patty to be dry, dense and very meaty. Although others have recommended it, it wasn’t my favourite. The chips on the other hand were crunchy and nicely seasoned.

Photo 7-07-2014 10 36 54 am


Photo 7-07-2014 10 37 16 am

The last dish was the smoked salmon bruschetta and I was surprised by its size when it arrived. Sitting on nicely toasted bread was creamy scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a very generous portion of rocket and fennel salad. The salad of the dressing was very interesting as it was sweet and reminded me of lemon curd. I’m a big fan of lemon curd and I quite enjoyed it actually but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

Photo 7-07-2014 10 36 29 am

Overall, Le Bistro Dorine is a very welcomed addition to the dining scene of Eastwood and I will be back to try their other dishes as they have weekly specials. They also serve the famous ricotta cheesecake from Papa Pasticceria for dessert!

Photo 7-07-2014 10 42 44 am

– C

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12 thoughts on “Le Bistro Dorine, Eastwood

  1. I love Korea-town, I mean Eastwood hehe. Only problem is, it is always so busy. Nothing wrong with finding new places to eat via Instagram, that’s how I find out about the latest lol. There’s that newish KFC place that I want to try (which I also found out about on IG haha). Kimchi in a burger sounds great, so hopefully the overdone patty is a one-off and they can cook it better next time 🙂

    • I love Eastwood too cos I used to live there and then so much opened up since I moved away. I guess Instagram is great.. I mean, that’s how we organise dinners these days : P Oh is it mad fo’ chicks? I’ve drove past it and it’s really bright and busy. I think I’ll still go back to try more of the menu. But try Cafe Centro – it’s pretty good for a local cafe!

      • Yeah Mad ‘fo chicks, the one with the funny characters at the front haha. And thanks for the tip on Cafe Centro. I will be sure to check it out when I’m in the area next 🙂

  2. Never been to Eastwood before, now I think I have to put the suburb on my to-explore list! Shame about the burger but it does look legit though 🙂

  3. I got excited about this place because they sell Will & Co coffee beans – hopefully the coffee itself is not bad! Really wanted to try this place since it looks so promising!

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