4Fourteen, Surry Hills

My friends highly recommended 4Fourteen when they learnt about my love for everything offal. 4Fourteen is the more casual sister restaurant of the two-hatted Four In Hand in Paddington, headed by Irish chef, Colin Fassnidge. The menu is split into Nibbles, Small Dishes and Large Dishes. The menu is designed to be shared but eating with the bestie meant we had to be selective about our dishes. IMG_4812[1] Drinks first! I always choose the sweet, girly type of cocktails and this time was no different. Princess Needs a DrinkĀ (right) comprised of Lychee, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Hendricks Gin and was perfect. The bestie also went for her usual Mojito mocktail (left). IMG_4800[1] After much deliberation over the diverse menu, our first pick was the Chargrilled Ox Tongue served with chimichurri and raw sprout slaw. The ox tongue was so soft and still retained a bit of the offal flavour (in a good way), making it the dish of the day. IMG_4805[1] How could we have not ordered the Roast Bone Marrow served on fried flat bread and spiced mayo. The bone marrow was gelatinous and added so much flavour when we spreaded it on the crispy flat bread. IMG_4809[1] The Pan Fried Duck Egg, Black Pudding, Ham Hock and Red Pepper arrived in a hot frying pan. Whilst the bestie commented about the black pudding being too rich, I enjoyed the harmony of flavours when consumed together. IMG_4806[1] As if that was not enough meat, we also ordered the Smoked Beef Brisket, Roast Potatoes and Onion Rings. I couldn’t really taste the smoky flavour of the brisket, instead, I loved smothering the stringy beef in the sweet, sticky sauce. I also enjoyed the sweet onion rings with a light and crispy batter. IMG_4807[1] Ā  Photo 6-07-2014 7 14 22 pm As a break from all the protein, the bestie wanted to try the Mixed Grain Salad with red and white quinoa, puffed rice and toasted nuts. It was texturally delightful and it made me feel slightly healthier about devouring all the earlier dishes. IMG_4810[1] I did my research before my visit (as foodies do) and I wanted to try either the Peanut Butter Popsicle or their take on the Bounty chocolate bar for dessert. But as always, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs so we had to leave dessert for next time.

– C

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12 thoughts on “4Fourteen, Surry Hills

  1. absolutely love 4fourteen, the marrow is amazing and now im dying for a return visit after your post!

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