BLACK by Ezard, The Star, Pyrmont

Black by Ezard BLACK by Ezard.

We’ve all heard about the award-winning contemporary Australian grill, but the experience first hand could say that the food was just as grand as the marble chandelier overlooking the spacious private dining table.

Black by Ezard 2Black by Ezard 2Black by Ezard 4

Black by Ezard 6Black by Ezard 3

The excuse to dine here with my family was to celebrate Mother’s Day.
With a variety of mouth-watering choices to pick from the menu, we finally decided on 3 courses each with a bottle of Shiraz for the table. We were assigned our own waiter who looked after us very well throughout the night.

Black by Ezard 5Black by Ezard 6Black by Ezard 8

We started with the extremely soft, easily-spliced and melt-in-your-mouth brioche as we eagerly anticipated for the food to come.

The Beef Tartare, kick-started off the night. I have always loved beef tartare for its fresh sweet taste, and BLACK does it up with unique complementary flavours. Air dried beef were covered with a layer of heirloom beets, and enhanced with herb mayonnaise, horseradish ice cream, and puffed wild rice. The beetroot and horseradish ice cream definitely brought out a difference in the taste and texture of the dish. Black by Ezard 9 Black by Ezard 10The Octopus left us licking our lips. Chunks of octopus olive oil poached with smoked potato, and the combination of pickled onion, paprika and lemon balanced the dish beautifully. Black by Ezard 11 On par with the octopus, I would recommend not missing out on the Pork, hockcrisp fried, with nashi pear, radish, yuzu, and green chilli caramel. If you usually cut off the fat off your pork, make sure the strip of fatty meat off this pork goes into your mouth! Because it is gooood. Black by Ezard 12For the sides, I highly recommend the Chips. They are everlasting crispy and crunchy, fried to the perfect amount, potato-ey soft on the inside, and the finishing touch of garlic, parmesan and rosemary salt add just the right amount of saltiness to it without being too heavy. We were all fighting over the chips even though we ordered a few of them. Unfortunately, serving size was a little on the smaller side.Black by Ezard 13 Sauces served complimentary at the table included horseradish cream, house made steak sauce, salsa verde and mustards. Black by Ezard 14Now for the real stuff. From the wood grill, most of us opted for the wagyu striploin, while other orders included grass fed angus ribeye and grass fed angus fillet. They were served with a handful of well cooked green beans.

Black by Ezard 16

Ribeye (30 day dry aged grass fed angus 400g)

Black by Ezard 15

Striploin, 600 day grain fed wagyu MBS +9 180g

Black by Ezard 17

Cross-section of the striploin wagyu.

The most dearest cut of meat from the grill was definitely worth it. The wagyu was grilled perfectly so that the outside layer was crisp and the meat was tender and succulent. Thinking about it now is making me salivate..

Black by Ezard 19 Black by Ezard 21The night ended for me with the Chocolate with caramel custard filling, a smear of peanut butter and wood grilled banana sorbet. The bitterness of the dark chocolate is softened by the banana sorbet, and richened with the combination of peanut butter.

The Apple dessert was much gentler and sweeter than the chocolate dessert. Warm granny smith and toffee crumble, was balanced with vanilla ice cream, and polenta wafer, also leaving a mouthful of textures which will sweeten up all your sugar cravings.

Personally, I prefer the apple dessert compared to the chocolate dessert, as the dark chocolate flavour is a little strong for me.Black by Ezard 23I enjoyed this meal very much, and all the dishes I tried were beautiful. If I had to choose, I would definitely say the wagyu striploin and the side chips were the highlight of my experience. The friendly service, great ambiance and secluded choice of seating also left us with a great impression. Keep those awards coming, BLACK by ezard!

– K

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