The Choc Pot, Burwood

Chocolateria are my haven. It is a place where all my worries can be washed away momentarily by that spoonful of chocolate soothing my taste buds. Well, they do say that chocolate boosts feel-good hormones!Choc Pot 5

After visiting on several occasions, The Choc Pot has become one of my favourite local chocolateria. I love this place because it ticks many of the boxes for me.

The desserts – freshly baked.
The chocolate – rich and smooth.
Signature desserts – one of a kind.
The store – cute and cosy.

ChocPot 2

The Molten Choc Pot, their signature dessert, is one that you must try on the first visit. Think of a volcano.. The inside of the freshly baked chocolate fondant is warm, dense and gooey, and it is mixed with swirls of hot melted chocolate drizzling from the centre.

ChocPot 1A dessert similar to the fondant is the Choc Souffle with Salted Caramel, which I also really enjoyed being a salted caramel fan. The souffle was light and fluffy, and the salted caramel fudge was rich but did not mask the chocolate flavour when poured into the souffle. What I like about the way this is served is that the amount of salted caramel can be controlled according to your taste.

Choc Pot 10

Choc Pot 8

On another occasion, opting for something different in their “sneaky treats” section, I tried the Brownie dip which consisted of chocolate fudge brownie cut up into bite size pieces, and served with a choice of milk, dark or white melted chocolate. The brownie bites were smooth and dense, and when dipped into the melted chocolate – was heavenly.

Choc Pot 9

A more familiar dessert on the menu is the Homemade Crunchy Waffle covered in Strawberries and Melted Chocolate. As with all of the hot desserts on the menu, the waffle was freshly made (one of the good points of this place) and served warm and crunchy.  I shared this with the boy along with the brownie dip and we both liked it a lot. I tend to prefer thick crunchy waffles compared to thin pancake like waffles, so this scored bonus points for me here!

Choc Pot 3

One of my friend tried the Hot Fudge Cake Sundae (melted dark chocolate, scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, homemade honeycomb pieces). Unfortunately, she felt that the chocolate cake was a little dry and that there was a bit too much whipped cream.

Choc Pot 6

Choc Pot 7Choc Pot 4

Craving for some chocolate, I visited The Choc Pot again a couple of days ago at 10pm on a Tuesday to find that they were closing the kitchen and would not be able to make any hot desserts anymore. Devastated as I were, my friend and I ended up making our way up the road to their rival, Chocolates Del Mondo, for some waffles. I hadn’t thought they would close that early. Another down side to The Choc Pot is that seating capacity is quite minimal, so waiting for a seat would be required at busy times.

Nevertheless, I would definitely re-visit The Choc Pot again sometime soon for their Molten Choc Pot! I have also yet to try their latest dessert Night at the Movies (homemade crunchy caramel popcorn, milk chocolate creme brulee), doesn’t it sound 10/10 already?!

– K

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20 thoughts on “The Choc Pot, Burwood

  1. I love the Choc Pot. So in love with their molten choc pot. I’ve seen so many pics of their latest creation in social medias, my revisit is overdue!

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