Brewtown, Newtown


Brewtown is a relatively new cafe residing in Newtown, operated by the same team of Gnome Espresso in Surry Hills. There has been a lot of hype about this cafe recently so it was an easy decision to make when a group of food lovers met up for brunch on Easter Monday (oops, now you all know this post is a bit late). I was worried about visiting during the long weekend but the food was worth the wait! A friend later told me that they also visited on the same day and said it was an off day for the cafe as she found the food, coffee and cronuts not as good as usual. Nevertheless, I found the food amazing on my visit so this cafe is now on my to-visit-again-and-again list!

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Coffee first! I’ve been obsessed with cold brewed coffee lately, so that was what I ordered.


I love how they serve all day breakfast and by the time we were seated, the lunch  menu was also available so we could choose from both. We ordered whatever we wished but when the food came, we all divided our dishes so we could taste everyone’s.

After all the heavy eating over the long weekend, I decided on something lighter. The beetroot cured ocean trout and avocado smash with dill, persian feta and beetroot relish served on rye sourdough toast was the perfect choice.


S ordered the baked polenta with mushrooms, grilled asparagus, poached egg and truffle oil. The flavours worked well together and I loved the baked polenta which had was crunchy outside and fluffy inside. To make it even better, there was also runny yolkporn!


My favourite of the four dishes was the grilled black sausage, homemade hash browns, canadian bacon and house relish with boiled egg and parmesan crumb. I’ve had black sausage where the metallic taste was really strong and did not enjoy it at all. Fortunately, it was not the case here as I loved the charred black sausage that made the outer skin crispy.



CK ordered the Quinoa and chickpea falafel with mushrooms, asparagus and house relish from the lunch menu. This was my second favourite dish of the day. The falafel was light, very crunchy and although deep fried, I felt so healthy eating it.


Where’s the savoury cronut burger, you may ask? Yes, we have heard about their amazing cronuts many, many times but we decided to enjoy it as dessert instead. They offer three cronuts – jam, cinnamon and glazed. One of each would have been ideal but we were too full so we ordered one of each of the cinnamon and glazed. Although delicious, from my understanding of cronuts, they are supposed to be very flakey like their crossiant half. The ones we tried were not that flakey, slightly chewy and very oily. But as I mentioned earlier in the post, my friend suggested that it was an off day for them and I believe so! I loved the food, there is plenty more to try on both the all day breakfast and lunch menus, and I have to give that cronut another go so I’ll definitely be back.




– C

Brewtown Newtown on Urbanspoon

Brewtown Newtown on Urbanspoon


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