Anvil Coffee Co., Kirribilli

I wanted to visit Anvil Coffee Co. since seeing so many photos of their food on Instagram but being at Kirribilli Wharf meant that it was a bit out of the way and I had no idea when I would be able to visit. Fortunately, best friends think alike and on the morning of my best friend’s birthday, she suggested that we go for breakfast. Staying at the Intercontinental Hotel the night before (more on that in a later post) meant that Anvil Coffee Co. was just a ferry ride away. However, we checked the times and it was an half-hour wait for the next ferry so we decided to drive there instead. It is not far from the CBD and soon, we arrived.


The location was amazing. The cafe was situated on the ferry wharf and perched on the waters. We were told that there would be a (long) wait so I wandered around the cafe and enjoyed the cool breeze of the sea. I was hoping to get a table near the windows so we could enjoy breakfast with the magnificent views and the sunshine. However, we were a group of four and ended up sitting outside closer to the ferry ramp.

Everyone seemed hungry so we quickly placed our orders. First to come was the Iced Black Magic Over Coconut (Single origin double espresso served over young coconut water and ice) which both the best friend and I ordered. It was a combination that I have not seen before which is why I ordered it. I found that the espresso was the dominant flavour and the coconut water was very subtle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and it really gave me the caffeine kick that I needed after a long night.


Then comes the food! The Buttered Arabian Eggs (poached eggs, Greek yoghurt, garlic, chilli, lemon juice burnt butter and organic mint) was highly recommended by my fellow foodie friends and I just had to try it for myself. The dish looked beautiful with vibrant colours of the chilli and burnt butter and of course, the runny yolks of the poached eggs! I loved the addition of Greek yoghurt to cut through the richness of garlic and burnt butter.


Other dishes ordered by my friends looked delicious too.

This was one of the specials and I believe it was called Vitamin Bee (honeycomb, bee pollen, cocoa nibs, tapioca and wild flowers). I had a taste of this and I liked how it wasn’t very sweet and who wouldn’t want a guilt-free dessert as breakfast?


My other friend went for a healthy option of Bircher Muesli (braised rhubarb, organic natural yoghurt and toasted nuts).


And the poached free-range eggs which I’m sure were good as I eyed the runny yolk once my friend cut it open.


The highlight of this cafe was clearly the wonderful views of the Sydney Harbour and with good food too? It can’t get any better.

– C

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