Home Thai Restuarant, Sydney CBD

Craving for delicious and affordable Thai food, Ce and I ventured into the CBD one time after work to try out Home Thai. Not too far of a walk from Chinatown, we finally find the restaurant looking a bit like the competitor Chat Thai, with its yellow shop sign and the inside of the two level  restaurant designed with lots of wooden details giving a laid back feel. Unsurprisingly, there was a bit of a wait for a table of 20 minutes at 8pm on a Wednesday night.

Once seated and served promptly by the waiter, we order ourselves each a Thai milk tea without hesitation, which was just the flavour I was expecting or probably better. 

Home Thai 4

We were seated next to a couple which we noticed to be clearly having trouble devouring their meal, with tears in their eyes, tissue in their hand and constant sipping and pouring of water.

The waitress pops out an iPad from her Louis Vuitton shoulder bag (which each of the waiters carry on them) to take our order. Seeing the similarity of the menu to that of Chilli Jam, I order my favourite Thai dish Chicken Pad Kae Mao (chicken chilli basil noodles) and Ce chose to share a Papaya Salad. Taking the waitress’ advice, I order the Pad Kae Mao with MILD chilliness.

Home Thai 3


We had laughed at the couple next to us when they were crying over the chilli, but after we had our first mouthful, we understood their suffering. Just like Chat Thai, Home Thai does not show mercy.

We thought the papaya salad would at least help to calm the chilliness of the noodles down, but it really didn’t help. I finished my milk tea really early in order to relieve myself of the chilliness, and had to order a second milk tea – but was disappointed that it never came and was not charged for it either. Besides the chilliness which led to us not being able to finish the dishes, they were both really delicious and had satisfied our cravings.

Home Thai 2

Home Thai 1Dessert number one – fried bread sticks. They were fresh and fluffy on the inside, and the not-too-artificial pandan dip topped it off.

Home Thai 5Dessert number two – durian sticky rice. Two words – Just Amazing. This was my favourite of the night. The real durian pieces were very richly flavoured, and its texture complemented the sticky rice and coconut milk perfectly. Unfortunately, the dessert was durian-flavour-free after the durian slices were demolished. We found ourselves trying to split the tiny slices of durian between us in order to finish the rest of the sticky rice.

Overall, it was a delicious and reasonably priced meal (about $50 for two). However, if you are not a chilli fan, steer clear of their chilli !

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