Chanoma Cafe, Sydney

Japadogs! Matcha! And GARLIC FRIES! What more do you need to hear?!!

It was back in April when I jumped straight at the first sign of novelty hot dogs, making Chanoma Cafe the new first priority on my list for the next brunch/lunch/dinner date I had with any of my friends at the time. As expected, it was well worth the trip!

Newly established in the middle strip of Regent Place, Chanoma‘s green and wooden furnishings really catch the eye. There are cute wooden tables matched with green stumpy stools placed outside the cafe. The cafe also seemed like it was somewhat “caged” with the use of vine-like plant decor running across the ceiling and the edges of the room, giving it quiet a homely yet dreamy courtyard feel inside a building which I absolutely adore!

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Service is reasonably fast. It is a pay then wait service, where they provide you with a beeper to let you know when your food is ready. Extra sauce is provided in a self serve manner in the middle bench, just in front of the food collecting area.


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Many flavours and different types of sausages were available on the menu. I chose the kimchi-mayo flavour with chorizo sausage ($5.50). My friend chose the Chicken Teriyaki Hot Dog which is considered as their “most popular”. These hot dogs aren’t as big as they look, but they do taste scrumptious. 

We also shared a cup of Chilli & Garlic Fries ($4.40) which was unbelievably delicious.To all garlic lovers and fries lovers: It is a Must Try. It had just the right amount of garlic vs chilli flavour, where the spiciness didn’t overpower the garlic taste. You CAN NOT go wrong with this decision!

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16APRIL`13 (12)

Lastly, the reasonably cheap meal was finished off with a refreshing Matcha Float (~$4). A green tea flavoured milk iced drink with green tea ice cream floating on top to give it that creamy taste. I like my iced matchas creamy and sweet, so I usually melt and mix the ice cream into the rest of the drink. However, the green tea flavour is not as strong as expected. There are also many other drinks on the menu, hot and cold. 

The highlight for me here was the garlic fries. The hot dogs were also interesting in flavour. Even though the japadogs were a tad smaller than regular hot dogs, our stomachs were actually left quite content after the fries and the matcha float.
It was a satisfying meal, good value, excellent ambience and no big waiting lines (yet).
I’d come back here for sure. Whether it be for a snack, dinner or dessert, this place definitely floats my boat!

– K

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