Soffritto, Newtown

A subscription to Groupon means that I receive daily emails about dining offers. I admit that sometimes, purchasing deals aren’t the best as some friends have told me that they have received different treatment from restaurants just because they visited with a deal. However,  I am fortunate enough to never have experienced this as I am always extra careful before making purchases. When I saw this deal for $69, a 5-course degustation and a glass of wine each for 2 at Soffritto, I was intrigued by the menu items and decided to visit with the best friend.

When we arrived at 6:30pm, the restaurant was fairly quiet with only another two tables. But we noticed that the restaurant was soon filled with satisfied patrons as the night progressed.

To start off, we were greeted with warm bread that had a nice crust. Although not for certain, the bread tasted like it was made in-house and the olive oil it was served with was a great compliment. At this time, the waiter also explained our menu for the night and poured us our preferred wines – the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc for me and the Merlot for the best friend.

The first course was the prawn and saffron bisque. It was very aromatic and it actually smelt like lobster. Surprisingly, it was not rich like I expected it to be. Instead, it was light and was a great start to the meal.


The next course was the porcini mushroom and truffle gnocchi. The gnocchi was light and fluffy, sauce was very rich and creamy as expected, and also had a very noticeable aroma of truffle. It was very enjoyable as I love anything with cheese.


As the best friend is not too fond of cream-based sauces, we informed the waiter and he offered to serve the gnocchi with a tomato-based sauce. Thumbs up to the service!


The next course, the chicken breast stuffed with pancetta, parmesan and spinach, actually took a while to come out. The chicken breast wasn’t too dry and the jus and stuffing added the right amount of seasoning so that it didn’t taste too bland.


And out came the last savoury dish of the night. It was the veal ragout served with polenta. By itself, the veal ragout was a bit too rich but when eaten with the wet polenta that it was served, it was perfect! I’ve not had the most pleasant experiences with wet polenta (but I love polenta chips!) as when it is not cooked right, it can be gluggy. However, the polenta here was smooth and was perfect for this dish.


It was finally dessert time! I was actually quite full after the gnocchi dish which was only the second course. Dessert was fruit crumble with whipped cream. The fruit crumble consisted of poached pears and figs, which I thoroughly enjoyed but it would’ve been better if it was served with ice cream.


Overall, it was a meal of great value and I really loved the gnocchi. However, the service really was a bit slow during the night as we had to wait up to 30 minutes between courses. But really, I didn’t mind as that just gave us more time to catch up.

There are many restaurants in Newtown that are on my to-eat list. However, I am glad to have discovered Soffritto and hopefully, it won’t be too long before I visit again.

– C.

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