Circa Espresso, Parramatta

25APR`13 (9)

In search for more quirky cafes in the suburbs and away from the city, Cc and I found ourselves at Circa Espresso Cafe in the heart of Parramatta. Just a quick walk from the shopping centre and the train station, we nearly missed this place as there was no clear signage from the street. What saved us from missing this place was its unique outside seating of little wooden stools and tables backed by a red graffiti wall, which made us wonder what amazing cafe we were at. It reminded me of the little cafes that can be found in Melbourne laneways.

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Cc was back in Sydney for a brief visit and luckily I had night shift that day so was able to snatch her for a quick brunch. Served promptly to a seat by the friendly waiter, we started our catch up with coffee which was good as expected. The menu was cleverly designed in a clipboard style on lined paper, and as I skimmed down the page my eyes fixated on my favourite brunch choice: Baked Eggs.

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The baked eggs (with sujuk, Danish fetta, tomato & hint of chilli with toast served in a pan) was served in a pan, still hot to touch and was warned about it by the waiter. It was definitely a safe choice. The eggs were complemented well with the salty and spicy elements of the sausage slices layered on the bottom of the pan. The strong flavour was balanced with the freshness of the tomato chunks and topped off by the texture of the fetta. The toast was a bit soft for my liking but nevertheless a beautiful dish.

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Cc opted for the wrap consisting of butternut pumpkin, french lentils and baby peas combined together with potato and fried to patty-like shapes, with cucumber slices and rocket and dressed with hummus sauce. It turns out that she ordered the wrap knowing her dislike for pumpkin in general, and needless to say it was very painful for her to finish. After taking out as much pumpkin as possible, she managed to finish most of the wrap until she was stuffed. Other than that, the roesti was fresh and very filling. A lot of effort was definitely put into making this wrap.

25APR`13 (4)

Looking at the menu, Circa also makes many organic beverages such as the homemade lemonade quencher, organic cola and lemon lime bitters which I think I would take the boy to come and try next time =)

– K

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