HARVest Cafe, Bonnyrigg Garden Centre

Need a break from choosing flora ?
A cafe inside a garden centre. What a good idea!

I’ve been to this place a couple of times. The first time I went was quite late in the afternoon (2pm) as a friend and I made the trek to the other side of Sydney to try out the cafe and smell some beautiful flowers. We found ourselves wondering the depths of the garden centre, and being fascinated with all our surroundings we couldn’t help but take many photos of literally everything.



Before heading here, we checked in advance the closing time of the kitchen – 3pm. We had thought we had enough time to check out the surroundings before ordering our late lunch. It turns out we were wrong. We got to the cafe at 2.15pm to find that the kitchen “closed early today”. Thus, the reason for my second visit to try out their savoury food.

So devastated as we were, having to travel at least 40 minutes and not being able to have our eggs benedict, we had to at least stay here for a while. So we just grabbed our coffees and picked out a couple of cakes from their fridge. 


I had the blueberry cheesecake while my friend chose the tiramisu. Both were rich in flavour and smooth in texture. The cheesecake unfortunately did not enough blueberry to finish the whole cake with. Nevertheless, it was a delicious bite accompanied with a well made cappuccino.

During the second visit, I opted for the Roast field mushrooms served on sourdough toast with fresh goat’s cheese and a garden herb and roast hazelnut pesto. While my friend chose the Eggs Benedict with sauteed spinach, poached eggs and house made hollandaise sauce on an english muffin with salmon. We agreed both were worth enough to have come back for the second time to try them.
Since the location is quite far for me, I probably won’t be back for a while. Still, it was a good place for coffee, decent food, and was worth exploring the garden centre.

– K


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