Saké Restaurant and Bar

Japanese is definitely one of my favourite cuisines and I’ve been wanting to try Saké Restaurant and Bar for ages after hearing so many good things about it. The opportunity to visit finally came when J suggested to celebrate her finding a new job over a nice dinner. It turned out that this restaurant has also been on her hit list since forever!

Saké Restaurant and Bar Menu

It was a Thursday night and we were surprised at how full the restaurant was. Arriving a little late for our reservation at 6:30pm, they confirmed that we would need to return the table at 8:30pm. However, that did not ruin our mood for the night, and the delicious food certainly made up for it.

For drinks, J had Miss Wednesday (Japanese shochu, rose & lychee liqueurs, vanilla & fresh lime) while I tried the Pink Blossom (choya umeshu with fresh passionfruit, strawberries & citrus, topped with cranberry juice). Both were sweet, refreshing and girly, just how we like it.

Miss Wednesday and Pink Blossom

To start, we tried the jalopeno salmon sashimi which consisted of seared salmon with crunchy daikon slaw. When the plate arrived, we were slightly disappointed as we thought we had ordered the sashimi with jalopeno slices instead. Nevertheless, we enjoyed this dish of fatty slices of salmon drowned in a pool of jalopeno dressing that gave a slight kick of heat to the dish.

Jalopeno Salmon Sashimi

Next up was the tuna tasting plate for 2 which included tuna and avocado sushi rolls, tuna tataki salad with white dressing and tuna tacos with with kozaemon junmai ‘sake shots’.

Tuna tasting plate for 2

My favourite of these was definitely the bite-sized crispy tacos filled with tuna sashimi pieces.

Crispy tuna tacos

Miso cod is one of my weaknesses and a must-order whenever I see it on a menu. As the waitress suggested to share a main between the two of us, and we decided even before the night to try the famous popcorn prawns, I told J that my only request for the night was to order the silver cod lettuce cups. This may have been the dish of the night for me as I loved the buttery, fall-apart flesh of the silver cod.

Silver cod lettuce cup

We then had the salt & pepper tofu which were crispy fried tofu pieces with chilli & spring onion. The tofu was soft and silky, contrasting with the crunchy batter, but I found it a bit bland.

Salt & pepper tofu

And the popcorn shrimp that we came here for! Bite-sized prawns were lightly battered and fried in a creamy, spicy mayo sauce. We thought it could have been flavoured a bit more, and I found the acidity of the sauce to be a bit much for me but that could’ve been just me, because I really don’t enjoy lemon in my savoury food. Nevertheless, the prawns were fresh and bouncy, and we polished the dish off with no problems.

Popcorn Shrimp

When we were ordering, the waitress advised us to stop at this point and see how we go with all the food we ordered. However, we really wanted to try the s express sushi maki which was scallops, spicy mayo, seared salmon, witlof & sweet sauce. And we were so glad that we did! When served, the sushi rice was still warm, the scallops and salmon were fresh. It was a fantastic combination of flavours and textures.


And it was finally time for dessert! I was already full by this stage but I really wanted to try the green tea kit kat which was a slice of Valrhona milk chocolate crunch, white chocolate mousse, green tea Ganache, cherry jelly, earl grey ice cream and chocolate Wafer. I loved this! The textures were great – layers that were moist, smooth, soft and crunchy. It really did taste like the Japanese green tea kit kats but the green tea flavour was a bit richer. I also love anything that is of earl grey flavour (because of the lovely experience with the date tart and earl grey syrup at Etch Restaurant a few years ago) so the ice cream was perfect to balance out the sweetness.

Green Tea Kit Kat

J also wanted to try the yuzu souffle which was steamed and served with fresh rockmelon and coconut lime sorbet. It had the texture of a Japanese cotton cheese cake, soft and light. The yuzu flavour was strong and gave a zingy punch which I loved.

Yuzu Souffle

We also received yuzu saké with compliments to a very sweet waiter! It was citrusy, refreshing and went down very easily.

Yuzu Saké

Over and above the wonderful food, J and I both thought the service was friendly and welcoming, and agreed that this was one of the most memorable nights that we’ve both had in a while! We will definitely be back.

– C


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